Mall of Wah

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Inspiring lifestyle, comfort, and luxury living in every detail. Mall of Wah Furnished Designer 3-Bed Apartment with the life-giving vision of reinventing luxury as we know it offering something more than simple stylish architecture and interior by creating a community for our residents that enhances their lifestyle. The Furnished Designer Apartments at Mall Of Wah are thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and convenience without compromising on elegance.


2-Bed Furnished Designer Apartment The amazingly designed apartments show an elegant décor for everyone laying an eye on it. The modernistic environment and interior of a 2-bed Furnished Designer Apartment is an experience one never gets tired of. A modern color palette and sensitively selected materials and fittings combine to create the best look. The posh grandeur is clearly visible with the royally modern design of excellence constructed.

1 Bed Furnished Designer Apartment

1-bed Furnished Designer Apartment Elegance in design & structure that is unmatched. Our 1-bed apartment speaks of sheer luxury and grandeur. While you indulge in the high life, all your practical amenities are always at your service. Designed by the best of professionals, all the features are designed in a way to keep you well serviced and secure at all times.

Mall Of Wah Furnished Designer Apartments speaks of sheer luxury and grandeur.